flutter vs react native

It’s a no-brainer that mobile app development is growing vigorously.

Nowadays, businesses look forward to building cross-platform mobile apps that use single codebase, speedy app delivery, and fewer resources.

The crucial part for companies is to decide on the technology stack to build the app. If not done the right way, the development of the app may turn to be costly and time-consuming.

Currently, React Native & Flutter are the two leading market players in the cross-platform framework. And we see an intense rivalry between them.

Here’s a comprehensive infographic and quantitative comparison to analyze and evaluate one among Flutter and React Native (RN). In the later part of the blog, we have covered a few questions asked by business owners.

React Native Vs Flutter: A Quick Comparison

Q. Which framework is ideal for development; Flutter or React native?

  • React Native:  JavaScript is used as a bridge to communicate with native components, which results in inadequate performance. 
  • Flutter:  Streamlined process is used to communicate with native components so it doesn’t need a bridge to initiate interaction hence gives a better native performance.

Winner: Flutter

Q. Which Code Structure is the best to use?

  • React Native: Helps the developers to understand and write the code as Javascript follows the simple code structure.
  • Flutter:  Difficult to understand as Dart doesn’t have separation of template, data files, and styles.

Winner: React Native

Q. Which framework helps with speedy development?

  • React Native: Uses the native elements & bridge hence requires separate optimization for each platform which makes the app development with RN longer. 
  • Flutter: Development speed is much faster than RN and native development as flutter is widget-based.

Winner: Flutter

Q. Which has better documentation?

  • React NativeChaotic & Unclear: The documentation of React Native is somewhat clumsy & disorganized/unorganized.
  • Flutter: Clear & Well Structured: Flutter is better at facilitating the documentation as it offers regimented and efficiently smooth documentation.

Winner: Flutter

Q. What about community support?

  • React Native: RN is quite stable from earlier and it also holds the support of a large and active community of contributors. 
  • Flutter: Flutter is a newbie that has a smaller community than React but now flutter’s rate of growth increases swiftly, consequently it will catch up to React Native.

Winner: React Native

Q.How long is the learning curve?

  • React-Native: Easy to understandFor someone acquainted with React or Javascript, learning to code in React Native will be like a cakewalk. 
  • Flutter: Quite steep: Dart is a natural fit for developers who know Java and C#. 

Winner: React Native


React NativeFlutter
import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { AppRegistry, Text } from 'react-native';   
 export default class HelloWorldApp extends Component


Hello world!

// if using Create ReactNative App then Skip this line

('HelloWorld', () => HelloWorldApp); 
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';   
void main() => runApp(HelloWorldApp());   
class HelloWorldApp extends StatelessWidget
@override  Widget build(BuildContext context) {    
return MaterialApp(      
title: 'Hello World!',    
home: Scaffold(      

appBar: AppBar(     
title: Text('NeovaSolutions'),      
body: Center(      
child: Text('HelloWorld!'),      



React Native is a much talked & widely adopted framework. On the contrary, Google’s recent sensation, Flutter has already become a dominant competitor to React-Native so far.

Both frameworks have their pros and cons in terms of performance, stability, documentation and other aspects. 

Hope this blog will help you decide which framework suits your development and business needs. 

We have a competent and creative team of cross-platform app developers, who work on Flutter and React Native. We can help you choose the best technology for your app and build it. 

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