Deem Car Services Case Study

Deem Inc., one of the prime clients to Neova, is solely owned by Enterprise Holdings, the world’s major car rental provider, an industry leader in mobility and technology. Deem Car Service, one of its business verticals, offers end-to-end ground transportation technology solutions for corporations, travel management companies, and chauffeured ground transportation merchants. It owns an in-built suite of travel booking applications and management tools deployed by more than 50,000 corporate customers and the world’s major travel management companies around the world.

Challenges & Goals

Deem car services

Initially, Neova team was engaged in the Deem Car Services project to provide technical defect fixing support and maintenance which are directly being reported by their customers and demands immediate attention at the highest priority. After a couple of months, When Neova’s engineering team showcased the ability and proactiveness to handle these tasks without much help, it led Deem management to take a decision to involve the team in implementing enhancements along with adding new features to their software applications. And a few months later, Deem Inc. set forth a conclusive aim for Neova to own Deem Car Services’ complete ownership.


  1. 24 X 7 Level 3 Support
  2. Get Well Initiatives
  3. GDS APIs integration into Deem Car Services
  4. GDS writebacks from Deem Car Services
  5. Rewriting/Re-Platforming legacy applications to latest technologies
  6. Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment implementation
  7. Implementing end to end Automation Testing
  8. SDLC process related improvements


  1. Neova’s engineering team provided expert-level support for troubleshooting the most critical issues reported by Deem Car Services end-users, and fixing backlog issues reported earlier back. Our team drastically reduced response time taken to resolve production as well as ‘Voice of Customer’ daily reported issues which were later acknowledged by Deem Product Owner by sharing Jira reports in quarterly meetings held involving Deem higher management.
  2. Under the ‘Get Well’ project Neova team participated in meetings to identify the most critical areas of improvement for Deem Car Services and then completed the implementation. These critical issues were memory leaks, frequently occurring production issues, logging service issues.
  3. Our engineering team assisted and extended capabilities for enhancing Deem car Services APIs to boost their performances by replacing previous complex parsing segments logic and design.
  4. Our technical solutions helped to overcome GDS writeback frequent failures.
  5. We rewrote Deem Car Service’s old legacy application, which was previously written using Visual Basic, to latest .NET framework supported technologies, which are designed and developed using microservices-based architecture to be deployed into the cloud.
  6. Our engineering team helped the client implement Jenkins server to automate building, testing and deployment of code. It added great value by detecting integration errors at the earliest stage and making this whole process easy going.
  7. Our QA team implemented Taiko Framework which performs end to end testing to quicker execution of regression testing and resulted in reducing release cycles significantly.
  8. Last although not least, our team always proactively participated in sprint retros to propose SDLC improvement suggestions. E.g. Jenkins’ introduction was proposed by Neova as a formal proposal document, which resulted in great productivity from the perspective of speeding up the build and deployment process.



“Neova team has been a great partner as we have been building the engineering teams that develop the Deem Car Service booking platform.  With a combination of experienced senior engineers, eager younger engineers, and supporting management working alongside us as a cohesive team,
they have helped us scale according to the company’s needs over the years.  Neova has worked tirelessly to recruit and follow each team member
to ensure the right fit for effective execution.  Kalpesh has personally stayed in close touch with our leadership team to tailor the structure and
process to work across multiple global sites. Neova’s continuing support has been a key factor in our success.”


Vivek Chandran Sr. Director, Engineering

Deem, Inc



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Bldg. 16, Suite 106, Santa Clara, California 95054

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