SDX Case study
SDxCentral is a United States based technology journalism and market data research company based in Denver, Colorado. The company was founded in 2012 as SDNCentral focused on Software Defined Network, and changed its name to SDxCentral in 2015 to reflect its broadened focused on all emerging infrastructure technologies. The site currently receives over 200,000 unique visitors per month from over 170 different countries. SDxCentral is the Trusted News, Resource Site for Software-defined Everything (SDx), SDDC, SDN, SDS, Containers NFV, Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructure.

Challenges & Goals

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The requirements set by SDxCentral were to upgrade the basic news & resource portal development with new features.

Neova and SDxCentral identified the following goals: 

  1. Improve resource utilization
  2. Improve overall user experience with respect to response time
  3. Fix memory issues
  4. Scale application to support growing traffic
  5. Develop and deploy new features to aid business expansion and product reach
  6. Reduce manual intervention to filter posts to be published/deleted
  7. Generate campaigns by providing usability to the application
  8. Reduce the test cycle time.
  9. Achieve test automation
  10. Detect and report the flaws


Neova’s technical team worked on all the requirements:


  1. Optimized memory usage by optimizing existing heavy APIs
  2. Fixed errors reported by the New Relic error reporting tool
  3. Rearranged schedule of background jobs to avoid crowding of jobs
  4. Restricted job retries to reduce the unnecessary processing load
  5. Configured Jemalloc for better memory allocation in a threaded environment
  6. Increased worker memory size
  7. Filters – developed to reduce manual intervention where incoming posts can be automatically filtered based on keywords.
  8. Optimized server budget by tweaking some resources without compromising on the performance.
  9. Conversion of legacy data to useful reports 

QA Automation testing:

  1. Integrated CI Jenkins and issue tracking tool 
  2. Running continuous integration through AWS instance
  3. Generating emails after test execution
  4. Achieved test automation using Selenium and Multi-Threaded test suites
  5. Reduced the overall cost of implementation 
  6. Reduced Test cycle time with the help of Parallel execution 
  7. Resolved the geographically dispersed team to get 24×7 access with the help of Cloud deployment
  8. Notifying stakeholders regarding flaws, ensured that defects were resolved early, maintaining quality and reliability 
  9. Increased test coverage with high accuracy and controlled web portal testing 
  10. Keeping a track of analytics to ensure better website performance.  
  11. Maintaining scripts with respect to the site redesign
  12. Providing suggestions and improvements as and when required. 


“Neova has been a pleasure to work with – they have gone above and beyond to ensure that our high growth business demands are met. They have consistently delivered high-quality releases, managed our infrastructure and provided technical guidance. While working with a remote team can be challenging at times, Neova has taken all the required measures to eliminate this impediment by setting the right processes, establishing clear channels of communication and regular reviews. We appreciate their promptness and expertise and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to work with a reliable partner.”


Matt Palmer, CEO




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