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What we offer?

Experience seamless onboarding, ongoing support, and proactive guidance with our customer success services to maximize your success. 

Onboarding and Implementation Support

Our dedicated team ensures seamless onboarding, understanding the client’s goals and business requirements, while our subject matter experts plan and execute tailored product training. We continuously gather feedback throughout the onboarding cycle to refine processes, conduct separate training sessions for higher management, and maintain a trained support team ready to assist customers whenever needed.

Ongoing Training and Education

We provide ongoing training and education, identifying key client team members for application training and addressing training gaps based on client feedback. We conduct advanced technical training, keep clients informed about upcoming features, and maintain a comprehensive knowledge base and support documentation.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

We establish proactive monitoring and support by deploying monitoring tools to assess key metrics and indicators of client environment health. Analyzing customer usage and behavior helps identify issues and areas for improvement, allowing us to proactively communicate with clients upon detection of any issues. We regularly gather feedback to enhance processes and promptly address any red flags or signs of dissatisfaction

Relationship Building and Account Management

We prioritize relationship building and account management, serving as trusted advisors to our customers. Through regular engagement via MBRs, feedback surveys, support issue surveys, and usage surveys, we foster strong connections. We keenly identify red flags and promptly communicate them to the relevant teams for swift resolution.

Customer Advocacy

We act as advocates for the client’s customers within the company, ensuring their feedback, expectations, and changing requirements are effectively communicated to relevant internal teams. Serving as a bridge between customers and the Development, Sales, and Product teams, we facilitate seamless collaboration to meet customer needs and enhance satisfaction

Our Approach

Customer Onboarding Process ​

We provide end-to-end customer onboarding with tailored training, continuous feedback, and dedicated support

Proactive Support​

We monitor client environments, analyze usage, proactively communicate issues, and gather feedback for continuous improvement

Regular Health checks

We conduct regular system health checks,​ satisfaction assessments, scheduled periodic check-ins, and prompt issue resolution.

Knowledge Base & Self Service Resources​

We built a knowledge base for easy self-service, including articles, tutorials, FAQs, and resources.

Why Choose Neova's Customer Success?

Neova’s Customer Success team goes beyond just support. We empower and equip you with the knowledge and tools with our customer success services to maximize your success.

Product Expertise

Thorough understanding of the product functionality and business logic. Ability to identify inputs, analyze processing mechanisms, and interpret outputs. Familiarity with logging, monitoring, and reporting features for seamless operation.

Tool Proficiency

Comprehensive knowledge of tools used, including programming languages, databases, and deployment infrastructure. Proactive exploration of automation opportunities within the product.Expertise in utilizing automation tools to enhance efficiency and productivity.

User-Centric Approach

Understanding the diverse user base and their expectations from the product. Catering to both management and non-management users’ needs for optimal usability and satisfaction.

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