Continuous security testing is an absolute approach towards effective security strategy. In this era of shifting attacks we should be more vigilant.

Why is security testing a continuous process?

Your application is vulnerable to an attack where the exploit is developed after you deployed the last security patch. The malicious attackers are getting smarter, they analyse the new patch and change their strategy according to the latest security patch.

The application requires a significant amount of collaboration of multiple module to function rightly. There is an application code, business logic, back-end network, client side, database, APIs, machines, its operating system and the users. Every component plays a vital role in the security of an application.

Any web application or mobile application should upgrade its components as and when there is an update and test them against new vulnerabilities.

Components of an application:

If there is any vulnerability in one of the components, the application is vulnerable to attacks. To keep the application secure, one needs to keep updating their approach towards security.

continuous security process

1. Application Code and Business Logic:

To keep them vulnerability free you should perform security testing. Review the code and logic when there are new changes.

2. The back-end network and machine:

You should frequently perform security audit of your network and machine, where the application is hosted.

3. The Client side, API, and Database:

This place is exploited by hackers. They mainly use the vulnerability of this section to bring the application down or for stealing your data. To keep the application secure one should perform vulnerability assessment and penetration testing against the latest threat discovered.

4. The human involved in the process

Human is the most vulnerable part of the security chain. According to a study, more than 90% of data breach are due to the human negligence. Any application is built by the people, for the people. So vulnerability can be introduced by the product development team and the user. Security testing alertness programs will create an awareness about how they are helping malicious attackers unknowingly and to avoid such unwanted situation. There should be clear and effective communication with users, so that they can avoid security threat related to the product.

Winding up with a small note.

Start implementing security testing as a tradition. If you have any questions regarding end-to-end application security testing contact us.


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