According to the travel stats, around 65% of the travel booking is done online which includes domestic and international. After a ticket is booked/changed or canceled the itinerary is sent to us in a few seconds. Ever wondered how is this possible? You can get answers to all your questions here. To start with, let us first know what is meant by GDS.

What is GDS?

GDS stands for Global distribution system which shares the run time information like seat availability, service providers, rates, etc with different travel agencies and agents. ( Read more )

There are several GDSs available in the market i.e. Travelport (Galileo, Apollo, Worldspan), Amadeus, and SABRE. We will see the Sabre red workspace and its mapping with booking data in this blog.

What is SABRE?

American Airlines and IBM came up with a solution named Semi-Automatic Business Research Environment that was simplified to Sabre made up of IBM 7090 computer. It was installed in Briarcliff Manor, New York, and fed with all available flight reservation data. That computer system was connected to 1500 American Airlines remote terminals available across the country. 

Sabre is a software solution that provides the desktop application and tools to travel agents In customized manner to deliver booking workflow under the name ‘Sabre Red Workspace.’

Sabre workspace meets all the user expectations such as simple but powerful UI, power of integrating customer-specific configurations by which the agent will be able to book Air, Hotel, Car.

Sabre red workspace provides different options like Admin, Tools, Community, etc.

Admin Options:                                                

Tools Options

Community Options

Other than air, car, hotel, Sabre also supports the rail, cruise, and other customer management options. We will see the Complete Car Services UI where agents use for the booking. The below-shown UI is configured as per the requirements of one of our clients.

Sabre Red Workspace also provides the cryptic form for the engineers or maybe some of the agents and backend offices to map the UI with user details.

Reference: The latest upgrade about Sabre red 360 which extends its services in Asia as well.

USP Of Sabre GDS

  • SABRE was one of the first Real-time operating systems.
  • Primarily it distributes access to the travel industry including hotels and cars at the global level. 
  • It has a great market for North American users.
  •  It provides 24-hour access to hotel inventories.
  • Sabre has a lot of API’s available which will provide car rental search, booking service providers.
  • Sabre is a fast and robust system as it uses mainframes solutions.

Challenges of Sabre

  • Sabre has a bit less Hotel data availability as compared to other GDSs.
  • Travelport has more low-cost providers connectivity than Sabre (Since it is depending on the geo-location where providers serve ).
  • Sabre only supports Internet Explorer web browser 

Challenges in testing Sabre

  • As everyone knows GDS operates on Commands one using GDS must take its workspace training.
  • Sabre provides on request service for its clients like agents need to sign agreements as every other GDSs.


Developers prefer using Sabre, since it has an end to end comprehensive services to build travel management software.  Our expertise in Sabre and other GDS will help you build powerful travel applications. 

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