expense management

Expense management refers to the systems established by a business to process, pay, and inspect employee-initiated expenses. This system tracks your daily expenses and provides comparative charts to show your expense summary.

Through this post, we will understand the essentials of Expense Management. It will cover what is Expense Management System, its key features, benefits, and later we will cover its implementation using Bootstrap front-end technology.

What is the Expense Management System?

This system acts like a calculator that allows you to analyze and calculate your daily expenses, and for better understanding provides a wide variety of GUI(Graphical User Interface) like graphs, pie charts, bar charts.

Key Features:

1. Mobile-enabled expense report tools help employees track, manage and submit expenses on the go.

2. It can easily integrate DB to eliminate data silos and reduce manual data updates.

3. Dynamic workflows reduce human interference and shorten the turnaround time of the expense management process.

4. Visual graphics-rich reports help to analyze the common business expenses to eliminate overspending and spot improvement opportunities.

5. An Instinctive dashboard that displays visual-rich reports based on priority and business needs will help these reports to informed stakeholders.

Benefits of Expense Management system:

1. Total Expense Visibility provides informationexactly what’s going on in your business at all times.

2. Big-Time Savings on creating reports on the dashboard and it will update every hour automatically.

3. When you see your success/failure key metrics in your dashboard, you intuitively start improving your results

4. Reduced Stress due to getting notifications from the dashboard so no need to continuously watch on the system.

5. To Increase Productivity Dashboards allow you to calculate performance and show in charts.

What is bootstrap and its main features:

We have used the newest version of Bootstrap to build up the system, version 4, which is the most popular with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites. These provide new components, faster stylesheet, and more responsiveness.

Bootstrap Features:

Updated Print Styles and Utility Classes

There is a great improvement in the rendering of pages. It ensures the reasonable size of pages rather than making them fit mobile screens only. 

 Additive Border Utilities

It is providing additive border utilities to quickly add all borders to your components. The default border is set to a solid 1px light gray color.

 New Responsive Classes

 The new responsive classes .order-0 and .order-last are introduced for more control over the flexbox grid.

 Added documentation

The new documentation is added for using the CSS variables. Bootstrap 4 provides 2 dozen of CSS variables as compared to the previous version. 

How to Design an Expense Management system using Bootstrap?

1. First, go to the files menu in the toolbar. From files -> new -> project to create a new project.

2. This will open a new project window as shown below.

3. To Install bootstrap in the current project Right Click on project-> Manage NuGet packages->Bootstrap CSS -> click on the install button.

4. After successfully installing Bootstrap in your project you are able to see folder structure as below.

5. Now you can design your aspx pages using bootstrap in the following way.

As mentioned in the screenshot first use bootstrap.min.js and jquery.min.js in your aspx page.

I have used below given Bootstrap4 features to design web pages:-

  • jumbotron class – This jumbotron class indicates a big box for calling extra attention to some special content or information.
  • navbar-expand-sm – navbar vertically on small screens.
  • .nav nav-tabs – Creates navigation tabs
  • .nav-item – Creates tab items
  • .nav-link – Styles links inside the navigation tab

You can use static value using the option tag in the following way:-

6. I have made sample pages of ‘Expense management system using bootstrap4’ as follows:-

Home Page:-

About us page:-

Expense Manager Page:-

Calculate Expense Page –


In this article, we implemented an Expense management System using Bootstrap. At Neova, we have an expert team of front end developers who can extend their services to build responsiveness mobile and web applications. 

Source Code: Kindly refer below link to get code for the above-discussed project.


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