Why Saas products should adopt Kissmetrics

What is Kissmetrics?

Kissmetrics is a web analytics tool that provides key insights and user interaction on the website. It gives a clear analysis of user activities on your website and collects the data of every visitor which helps to turn your insights into sales.


  • It is a real-time data monitoring tool.
  • The implementation of email campaigns helps to increase engagement and sales. Not only delivers automated emails to customers but also creates different segments of customers to send targeted emails. In addition, using insights it is possible to understand customer behavior and can surface key insights that help to make better decisions. It can be easily integrated with third-party applications. 
  • One of the important features of the Kissmetrics analytical tool is event tracking.  It tracks the important events happening in the application.
  • Campaign Management feature allows a user to analyze and track marketing campaigns.
  • Conversion Tracking feature can track customer conversion rate.
  • Goal tracking allows users to track progress which can help the user to reach business objectives.
  • User interaction tracking identifies and tracks the visitors’ interaction on the website.
  • Kissmetrics tracks the time that a visitor spends on the website.
  • Report generation is one of the key features of Kissmetrics, It gathers data and generates reports.
  • Kissmetrics allows analysis and tracks more than one website.
  • Kissmetrics has a notifications feature that alerts the user when predefined criteria are met.
  • Heatmap is one more feature in Kissmetrics which shows where users have clicked on a page.
  • Data export feature is available.
  • Unlimited Group Contact Lists.
  • Don’t have to go around searching for figures. It has a powerful dashboard.
  • Easy to use. Simply sign-up for an account and can customize accordingly. Add a java snippet under <head> tag of the source code of the website for tracking.


  • High learning curve.
  • UI – the user interface is not very user friendly.
  • Dashboard options are limited.
  • Limited integration capabilities.
  • It takes more time to implement especially if you have a complicated website with too many different events. 
  • It is expensive. The cost is really not affordable for a small business or startup.


Kissmetrics offers multiple packages with various features in the range of $199 – $499 per month. You can check pricing and packages here

Custom Solution for Tracking User Activities and Events:

Pixel tracking method is used to track events and user actionsAdding the tracking pixel can be done by an HTML code, which contains an external link to the server. When the user visits a website, this code is processed by their browser, which follows that external link. This method allows one to track visitor’s information. The following data is tracked using pixel:

  • Operating System and device type.
  • Time spent on the website.
  • Browser Information.
  • Ip address.
  • Location of the user.
  • Activities on the site during a session.


Kissmetrics is one of the best analytical tools in the market that helps saas product companies track conversions. More than 6523 companies are using this tool. Big Brands like eBay, Accenture, and WordPress are few examples who use the Kissmetrics tool. 

We have an expert team of engineers who can help you to configure Kissmetrics and provide a custom analytical solution. Please feel free to connect in case of any queries.


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