Losing leads due to long implementation times in Migration during customer onboarding?

Data and configuration migration to the new application can be difficult, especially when additional business logic is added to the original software.

AI Driven Data and Configuration Migration Solution

Our innovative approach directly addresses the above challenges, providing a solution that reduces operational disruption and enhances efficiency when moving data and configuration from your competitor’s product to your own product.

What sets our solution apart?

  • Reduction of resource cost
  • Faster onboarding of customer
  • Quick product usage for customers
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Capabilities of Our AI Solutions

Rapid Development

Our method allows for quick development and deployment, significantly reducing time-to-market.

Minimal Maintenance

Designed for efficiency, our solution requires minimal ongoing maintenance, freeing up resources for other critical tasks.

Language Agnostic

The solution is flexible and does not depend on any specific programming language, making it adaptable to various technological environments.

Easy Data Access

We streamline the data preparation process by first analyzing the existing dataset and then deriving synthetic data from it.

Experienced Team

Our seasoned AI professionals bring a wealth of experience in similar projects, ensuring a reliable and expert-driven approach.

Seamless Integration

Our solution integrates smoothly with existing systems, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.

Our Approach

Input Management & Evaluation

Pre-processing & Data Preparation

Business Logic Integration

Output Generation & Storage

Why Choose Neova's AI Driven Migration Solution?

Efficient Operations

Quick data migration with minimal ongoing maintenance enables users to focus on core activities, increasing productivity and reducing operational downtime.


Minimal changes are required for new third-party tool integration or evolving requirements, ensuring long-term flexibility and relevance.

Reliable Performance

Designed for consistent and dependable operation, reducing the risk of downtime and operational disruptions.


Built with security best practices, ensuring data protection and regulatory compliance, instilling trust in secure data handling.


Easily accommodates growing data volumes and business needs, ensuring a seamless transition and minimizing frequent upgrades.

Use Cases

Our AI-based Data and Configuration Migration solution is suitable for various applications, including but not limited to:

Automation-Based Products

Streamline data migration for automated solutions.

Employee Management Systems

Ensure smooth data transitions in HR systems.

Accounts Management

Efficiently migrate accounting data with minimal disruption.

Security Configuration Products

Facilitate secure data migration for security software.

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