session management


State management is one of the most challenging aspects of software development. It is one of the biggest source for most of the bugs. Applications like eCommerce sites that handle shopping carts, user preferences, recommendations and user account details have to manage state for its various on page components.

Difficulties appear when data is dispatched in lots of places and managed in multiple places. This results in a complex application that is hard to update, debug and test. That is why it is fundamental that application state is managed at one place and follows a unidirectional data flow.

“Redux, a predictable state container for JavaScript applications that manages states in a single data store.”
Redux is a tiny (2kb) state container library implementing a unidirectional data flow with predictability. It has three main principles:
• The state of the whole application is stored in an object tree (single source of truth)
• Application state is read only (unidirectional data flow)
• State changes are written as pure functions (why it works with immutable data)

Another advantage of using Redux is its comprehensive DevTools with features like hot reloading or time travel.

Neova has the expertise in building high performance applications, using AngularJS/ReactJS with Redux.