Internship experience at Neova

In October 2021, Neova Solutions provided an internship opportunity. It was a three-month program with 20 students from various institutions and fields. One of them was me. 

This is about my journey from an intern to an employee.  

During the program we were expecting the following: 

  • Workplace culture  
  • To create networking 
  • to get some hands-on experience 
  • Working on real-world projects 

But it was even more than that. 

Neova solutions Internship

First Day:  

On the first day, we were greeted warmly by all the employees. Sachin (the Head of Operations) provided us with an outline of the company’s environment and culture. He emphasized that “continuous learning” is the key to success. There were also many leads from various departments who discussed their roles and the spectrum of learning and development at Neova. They also discussed the internship training scope and the schedule for the following three months. We were all greeted with lovely welcome kits. Thanks to HR and the support team for always being there for us. 

While this, we were introduced to a buddy system.  

Buddy System: We were assigned one experienced employee for each group of three interns, who served as a mentor during our internship period.  

Training Coverage: 

System Setup:  

We began by installing the Linux operating system, GIT hub, JIRA, and other necessary software. It was a moment of change for us, from reading books and getting marks in exams to reading data and putting it into practice.  

Development training: 

After a week, the Java training began. It was about 3 weeks of training with some projects. After a month, React training began, and Java learning was completed. 

React training also started from the basic concepts to advance implementation. We also got a chance to work on the front-end design for our respective projects. We had an external trainer for both Java and react. They were experienced and we learned a lot from them.  

Java training- Neova solutions internship
React Neova solutions internship

QA training: 

With so much to learn and so little time, we were all nervous about our projects and performances. Mayur (QA Manager) came to meet us during that time, encouraging us and explaining the scope of QA and what he expected from us. 

I recall his remarks “I don’t care how many chores you’re doing; all I care about is that you understand ‘WHY’. Why are you doing this, and what other solutions do you have? Ask yourself and keep your hands dirty with whatever language you are learning”. 

And at that point, QA training began with  

  • STLC (Software testing life cycle) 
  • Selenium with java 
  • API testing with postman & selenium java 
  • Manual testing 

We had to do daily meetings with Navdeep and Swapnil in between this training. They kept us motivated and provided us with further information and help.  

Soft skills session: 

Prasad led the most exciting session of the internship, in which we conversed with one another and shared our stories. 

We discussed soft skills and their importance.

  • Communication 
  • Self-motivation 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Leadership 
  • Ability to work under pressure and time management 
  • Conflict management 

A session with Kalpesh (CEO): 

Kalpesh was in Pune for a month and during that time, he communicated with us every day and encouraged us to tackle challenging times and problems. He also shared his previous experiences and also about Neova solutions. We got an opportunity to interact with him and learn about his ideology. 

Feedback :  

Neova’s training and development team often asked for feedback and conducted surveys to see how well the training program was working. When there were any problems, they quickly resolved them and made us feel extremely comfortable. 


  • Lack of time. 
  • Few sessions on React were online.  

Fun Activities: 

We had a lot of fun celebrating Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and Neovas 14th Anniversary during our internship. 

Fun activiuties at Neova solutions


We had proper evaluations done by the leads & managers. Our meetings were set up with the respective team leads of different departments. We were asked about our project execution and the things we learned in training.  

Result Declaration: 

That day, we were all tense in the conference room. We’ve all expressed our gratitude and shared our experiences. 

The panel members told us “You certainly learned a lot about software here. whether you get selected or not, you will now have an experience that will help you achieve your goals.” 

After that, they called us individually to announce the results, and we joined Neova Solutions. 

Five Things I learned from this journey: 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 
  • Get involved and take responsibility. 
  • It is okay to make mistakes. 
  • Learn new technology.  
  • Keep an open mind and a positive attitude 

Neova Solutions is the best place for continuous learning. Even today after 4 months of being an employee we are learning new things.  

Be a part of our innovative team.