Employee Training and Development

Am I upgrading myself? 

“Nothing is permanent until and unless you don’t take constant efforts “. In today’s competitive corporate world, it is important to keep upgrading ourselves. Learning does not just mean that we learn from the projects on which we work; we also need to learn about the newest technology and trends from sources outside of our projects. 

In a similar vein, Neova respects and encourages the ongoing learning & skill enhancement of each of its employees. 

This article will focus on the value of employee training & development and the methods that are followed at Neova. 

What is employee development and training? 

Employee development and training is the process wherein time, energy & sources are invested for the employees’ growth. At Neova, employee training and development focuses on the getting-on-hand experience of the latest software & technology. 

The training aims to improve the skills and knowledge needed to perform their current position at Neova. Training is specific to the role that employees are performing. 

The development aims to improve skills and knowledge that are needed to face future challenges as a continuous process of upgrading skills. This helps in getting an unobstructed vision to employees about their growth path and being ready to work on any project. 

Learning & Growth at Neova 

We believe in continuous improvement that is why we have various program which is delicately designed for the employees. 

Training and Development at Neova
  • Neova conducts workshops on interpersonal communication skills and one-on-one mentorship for employees.
  • Employees and managers provide training on diverse topics through knowledge café sessions which are based on experience, knowledge & skills.  
  • Neova has taken the initiative for weekly coding assessments to keep Neovans logically strong and has strong problem-solving abilities. 
  • NELP – (Neova Employee Leadership Program) is one of the emerging leadership programs which focuses on interpersonal goals and skills required to enhance the leadership qualities of an employee, as technology is upgrading day by day. 
  • NED – (Neova Employee Development) focuses on professional and personal development for employees. These various programs are done through live interactive sessions, seminars, and platforms for various courses. The certification policy at Neova also encourages employees to learn and develop their skills as per their interests.  
  • Based on the requirement, soft skills training is also provided to Neovans such as teamwork, positive attitude, emotional intelligence, initiative taker, communication skills, corporate etiquette, and so on. 

Rewards & Recognition at Neova clearly show how much we appreciate our employees, and they are valued here at  Neova for their skills and ability to perform outstandingly at all levels.