Automation Testing for a leading Log Management Platform

Log management

Engagement Highlights

  • Automated Solutions fasten the execution time and reduced release cycles.
  • Built a pipeline for continuous testing & monitoring.

Scalyr Introduction

Scalyr, Inc. is a server log monitoring tools provider based in San Mateo, California. Today’s engineering teams are adopting modern architectures, working in parallel, and pushing code fast. Visibility tools haven’t kept up. Scalyr is fixing that. True multi-tenancy in the cloud for real-time performance and hyper scale. Blazing-fast ingests, search and visualizations, no matter how many users or how much data. Industry-leading 1.5TB/s throughput. 96% of searches return results in less than one second.

Challenges & Goals

Scalyr primarily wanted a team that could set up a QA & Test Automation process in place. The main objective was to own the Quality of the product.

Following were the Goals::

  1. Initialize and Setup the complete QA process.
  2. Collaborate with their development team to accelerate testing
  3. Generate high volume test data over platforms like Windows, Linux, Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters.
  4. Develop UI Automation using selenium.
  5. Identifying, reporting and retesting of issues/bugs


Neova helped Scalyr by owning the Quality Assurance of the product, making it more stable and of high quality.

Following are a few highlights::

  1. Scalyr log monitoring agent Installation:
    • Constructed the agent installation process for Windows, Linux, Docker, AWS EC2 server & Kubernetes Clusters.
  2. An automated solution to generate high-volume test data.
    • Developed an automated log generation solution using java, shell scripts to generate high volume data across different platforms.
    • Generated 1 million logs per hour using containerization.
  3. Designed and implemented end-to-end UI automated solution using Selenium for faster execution and reduced release cycles.
  4. Automated complex Graphs, Charts developed using AngularJS.
  5. Automated complex PowerQueries and LRQ (Long Running Queries).
  6. Setup Jenkins environment for automated build executions and built a pipeline for continuous testing & monitoring.