Software Development and Integrations for a security IoT solution

IoT Security

Engagement Highlights

  • Third-party message notification for real-time alerts.
  • Feature enhancements that lead to Rapid growth of the product
  • Secure communication between multiple components for end-user data security

SDS Introduction

Shooter Detection Systems is a premier IoT security company. The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System incorporates the world’s finest acoustic gunshot identification software and combines it with infrared gunfire flash detection to produce the highest performing, fully automatic, and most accurate gunshot detection technology available today. The Guardian System is certified by US and UK Government authorities and trusted by customers in corporate, school, government, and other private and public venues across the globe.With millions of hours of use, The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System has delivered a 100% detection rate – without a single false alert – a perfect operational record.

Challenges & Goals

Shooter Detection System was looking out for a development partner that could help them with the following goals:

  1. Migrate existing applications to a Client-Server architecture.
  2. Create a secure, multi-site solution to manage multiple server setups from a single client.
  3. Integrate with third party mass notification systems.
  4. Migrate existing data to a new standard database.
  5. Enable the server to run on an AWS instance.


Given the sensitivity of the application, Neova’s technical team worked on re-architecting the existing application and was able to resolve the issues mentioned above.

1. A robust client-server architecture was created that allowed multiple servers to connect to a single client.
2. Security issues were addressed via signed jars and other password protection mechanisms.
3. We designed and implemented a solution to trigger immediate distress signals via multiple notification pathways i.e email and SMS notifications, for faster communication. Customized integrations with third-party mass notification software (EverBridge, LYNX) and video monitoring system (Ccure, Victor, Sea level) to satisfy their client requirements.
4. We implemented standard databases like MongoDB and SQL Server for data security, database reliability and improved performance.
5. SDS application was made to fully work on AWS cloud giving the business an opportunity to provide an option to its clients that preferred to run on a cloud environment.