Sports Event Management On Web Application


Engagement Highlights

  • High-quality user experience
  • Payment gateway
  • Automated solutions reduced manual efforts

DockDogs Introduction

If your dog loves to run, jump and swim then DockDogs is definitely the right place for you. DockDogs welcome any breed, any mix, any size to come out and join ourDock Diving®  family! DockDogs® is the fastest growing sport on 4 legs.

Challenges & Goals

Dockdogs were looking for technical partners who could help them with centralized, extendable and scalable web-based solution.

When we on boarded the client, we had to address the following issues:

  1. Migrate desktop application to Web Application.
  2. Users were not able to register or make payments online.
  3. Need to automate the financial reports.
  4. Had to implement Business Logic to generate competition ranking on the fly.
  5. Implement logic, to fetch event data and results on DockDogs website automatically.


Our dedicated developers were successful in implementing the client requirement with their technical expertise, innovative ideas, and a can-do attitude.

We successfully migrated desktop application to web application that allows management to create and conduct events across various countries with ease and users to register online and participate in the event. The UI of the application was redesigned and it was well structured for a high-quality user experience.

We implemented the payment gateway for membership and event registration fees.

Users could register the event online and view team rankings and titles on the fly. The data was automatically fetched and displayed on the Website. This solution helped them save a lot of time that was been occupied by manual data entry.

We created a strong business logic, that could automate the process of declaring ranking and score card. As a result, it reduced a lot of manual work of generating results and ranking.