Cloud-enabled Enterprise Intrusion Detection Solution (IDS)

Cloud Security

Engagement Highlights

  • High performing real-time monitoring and reporting solution
  • Improved the visibility and control over non-business related activities on the network

Cymtec Systems Introduction

Cymtec Systems provides cloud enabled enterprise intrusion detection solutions (IDS) and network visibility solutions.

Challenges & Goals

Cymtec Systems wanted a monitoring and reporting tool which would troubleshoot and optimize the network traffic.

They wanted a team that can develop a network monitoring web application that can collaborate with the intrusion detection network appliance and that could capture each and every packet that flows through it and analyse each packet to perform actions.

When we boarded the client, we had to face the following challenges

  1. To understand the appliance behavior.
  2. To set up the appliance in the local environment.
  3. To perform a few actions ( detect, pass, monitor, report) without loss or delay of packets in the real-time network traffic.

Our dedicated developers were successful in overcoming the challenges, with their technical expertise and design thinking.


Our technical experts understood the details of this project and started working on the priority list.

We successfully implemented high-performing real-time monitoring and reporting solution. This solution was driven by features like network statistic tracking, a robust reporting utility to assist with web usage reports, and enhanced threat detection capabilities. While monitoring, the solution captured every packet flow and blocked the threat when detected.  

With Cymtec Sentry appliances in headquarter and branch office locations, are able to reduce downtime, troubleshoot more efficiently and ensure the correct use of network assets.

Cymtec Scout was another application hosted on the cloud that provides an enterprise-class IDS for simple, scalable, and compliance support. This application could continuously acknowledge if any intrusion takes place on the network. We deployed Cymtec Scout in less than 15 minutes.

Overall, it improved the visibility and control over non-business related activities on the network.