Call Centre Analytics With Advanced Features


Engagement Highlights

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved code quality and code coverage
  • Improved the overall performance and security of the application


AVOKE Analytics Introduction

AVOKE is the only customer experience optimization solution that monitors the full breadth of your customers’ interactions from the moment customers dial until hang up, connecting voice with chat and text interactions for analysis and optimization.

Challenges & Goals

Neova has been working with Avoke team to upgrade the web application to newer technologies and increasing its performance.

When we boarded the client, we had to look after the following tasks

  1. Upgrade the tool with the latest technology
  2. Redesign UI
  3. Add advanced functionalities for data analysis
  4. Write automated tests and configure CI for code coverage.
  5. Improve security and introduce new user roles and permissions.

Our dedicated Java developers were successful in implementing the client requirements with their design thinking and technical expertise.


Our technical experts understood the details of this project and started working on the priority list.

We implemented the Vaadin framework for enhancing user experience. The client was looking for developers who could team up with their onsite team for converting the old code to Spring Framework and Hibernate ORM. The OLAP schema was redesigned and SQL Queries were optimized. Call data representation was improvised by Highcharts and Word cloud. Advanced data analytics features like annotation were introduced.

Our automation experts improved code coverage with the help of Junit and Selenium automation test suites. Code quality was improved by using tools like PMD, Findbugs, CodeNarc etc.

This eventually increased the performance and made the tool more secured.