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Our Expertise

Connect with Sensors

We design and build IoT solutions that connect and communicate with tens of thousands of sensors.

Gateway Software Development

We build large scalable solutions with modern architecture paradigms.

IPV4 / IPV6 Sensor Support

We understand and can integrate with IPV4 and IPV6 enabled IoT devices.

Certification Management

We design and implement authentication and encryption solutions to eliminate data leakage and hacking.

Active Directory Support

We integrate with Active Directory for user and device authentication and authorization.

Integrate with 3rd Party Systems

We integrate with 3rd party systems for mass notifications, video monitoring, and relay connectors.

License Management

We implement licensing schemes to manage and control access by number of users or features.

Automation Testing

We build comprehensive automated testing solutions to simulate sensor traffic and test all interfaces


Video Surveillance System

We have done integrations with Genetec, Mutualink, Tyco (CCure, Victor), Milestone, Lenel.

Public Safety

We have an IoT solution to help public awareness and public safety.

Mass Notification System

We have done integrations with Everbridge, Lynx, DesktopAlert, Blackberry Athoc.

Active Shooter Emergency Response

We have a solution to mitigate risks by ensuring emergency preparedness.

Burglar Alarm System

We designed and implemented a solution to trigger immediate distress signals.

Residential And Commercial Security

We have solutions to secure home and commercials from outside intruders, or like fire, water leakage, gas leakage etc

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